We design & Build ICT infrastructure 

Specific to your needs and budget 


We believe the success of any business is linked to its customer’s satisfaction. At BIFOLD we focus on providing ICT solutions designed for business use– we are a “Productivity Provider,” helping our customers achieve their organizational goals by doing what we do best!


First, we gain an understanding of our customer’s business objectives and then architect cost-effective ICT solutions to align with their goals.

We also believe a good ICT partner cannot only fill in the gaps but also deliver insight along the way.


Cost of goods are continuously sliding this is just because manufacturers are able to produce goods at less cost. Hence, improving operational efficiencies its crucial within the manufacturing plant to all the way to supply chain management. Our expert at BIFOLD can help you to identify those ICT areas where you can implement smart technologies to improve efficiency.


Financial Services is the heart of the economy, sending and receiving value is the core of the business, and from ICT infrastructure point of view, it's inevitable to make that transaction successful in the way it is fast, secure and reliable. We support our customer's all the way to run their business reliably, we are a trustworthy ICT partner who is credible to do so.


Having a robust and secure ICT infrastructure in healthcare is the top priority of every healthcare ICT professional – we provide a range of ICT solutions that cater to various niche, our solution portfolio includes building and managing converge infrastructure, communication and collaboration platform, nurse calling system, asset tracking, facility management application, etc..


We are passionate about what we do!


In the hospitality industry creating a nice guest experience is above everything. We have a decade of experience to help you select the technologies to keep your guests coming back to you while increasing staff's productivity and reducing costs, we work with solutions that are future-ready and build-for-purpose.

Public Sector

Countries are fast forwarding with their strategies for building SMART City, being in the ground for long we understand the needs of designing, building and securing an ICT infrastructure that not only supports today’s strategies but also copes with the demand for a decade to come.

We work with our partners to deliver the vision of Government.


We believe continuous learning has a tremendous impact on improving our personal and social life. To aid that learning process we provide solutions caters to educational institutional goals – we tailor our solution that transforms learning spaces that help both learner and teachers engage in collaborative discussion.



Managed Services

ICT infrastructure gives your customer’s & staff’s the ability to connect and keep the business operational. Our managed services offering is designed to reduce you ICT operation cost.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services focus on simplifying the transition to new technology or fine-tuning the existing technology. As a trusted advisor, we strive to define success and value through our Consulting Serivces



Active Infrastructure

Today’s applications are bandwidth hungry than ever, no matter how fat is your applications, we can meet your demand


PtP & PtMP

Outdoor Wireless Solutions

Whether you are a Telecom, Internet service provider or an enterprise IT manager looking for a cost-effective outdoor Point-to-Point (PtP) or Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) fiber-like wireless backhaul or Access solution we can help.


Cloud Integration

 We support our customers to move their business applications and infrastructure services on-premise to the cloud let us guide you on your Cloud journey

Passive Infrastructure

We leverage our strong background on designing and Implementation of Passive Infrastructure.

Woman Holding a Mobile Phone

Unified Communication



To run a successful business Collaboration and Unified Communications are the must-have technologies for customers and staff’s to stay in touch, we have the expertise on a wide range of unified communication & collaboration solution to meet your requirement.
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Secure Infrastructure

While IT Security threats have existed for decades, the time between exploiting and fix needs to shrink, we can help to you do just that.

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Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provides insights to your business which was never been actionable– today, Industry analyst predicting that there will be more than 100 billion IoT devices expected to be online by 2025, we have the expertise to assist you in your journey to adopting IoT

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Blockchain technologies are on its way to disrupt the business model, especially because of its core characteristics such as the concept of smart contract and immutable ledger, we can help you to strategies your business adopting Blockchain technologies 




Analysis & Discovery

  • Facilitate discovery workshops with business and IT stakeholders

  • Assess your infrastructure for growth

  • Document current and future requirements

Solution Design & Planning

  • We design the solution to meet your business needs

  • Provide the roadmap to design process, tools, script, and template to support the delivery of the Concepts

  • We produce a technical document and implementation plan

Implement & Knowledge Transfer

  • Work hand-in-hand with various stakeholder to roll-out the proposed solutions

  • Quality assurance and testing

  • Handoff all project documentation and reference materials

  • Ongoing mentorship to inform recommendation for continual improvement