Our consulting services focus on simplifying the transition to new technology or fine-tuning the existing technology. As a trusted advisor, we strive to define success and value in customer terms.


Through our innovative engagement model, we design and develop solutions adapted to your particular context and budget. We explain your best available options, and then design and deploy the solutions that fit your business.

Making Notes


Our innovative consulting service includes:

  • Datacenter Transformation & Modernizations

  • Passive ICT Infrastructure Design for Across Verticals

  • Active ICT Infrastructure Design for Across Verticals

  • Architecting and Designing of Emerging Technologies (IoT, Block-chains)


Our offering

How we engage

Final results / Value for money

Analysis and Discovery

Solution design and planning

Implement and knowledge transfer

  • Facilitate discovery workshops with business and IT stakeholders

  • Assess your infrastructure for growth

  • Document current and future requirements

  • We design the solution to meet your business needs

  • Provide the roadmap to design process, tools, script, and template to support the delivery of the Concepts

  • We produce a technical document and implementation plan

  • Work hand-in-hand with various stakeholder to roll-out the proposed solutions

  • Quality assurance and testing

  • Handoff all project documentation and reference materials

  • Ongoing mentorship to inform recommendation for continual improvement

  • A strong understanding of your current state Vs. Future state and the confidence that new solutions will drive for your future business outcomes.

  • A properly designed strategy that goes beyond the technical requirement to ensure the end-to-end requirements are met.

  • The ability to deliver a modern hybrid IT platform to your business, while providing your team with the skills they need to support it.