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ICT infrastructure gives your customer’s & staff’s the ability to connect and keep the business operational. When you are busy growing your core business sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep your IT in good shape. Identifying this need we offer Managed Services with flexible and selective outsourcing options, our Managed Services allow you to delegate the responsibility of your ICT infrastructure, in part or in full.


At BIFOLD, we offer a range of business models from simple, remote infrastructure management to full, on-site residence engineer, we ensure that we offer value for money.



Our managed services include: 

  • We manage and monitor LAN, WAN, Servers, Storages, VOIP and PBX, Security, VPN and Applications to improve availability and to reduce downtime.

  • We make sure your ICT equipment’s software/firmware are up-to-date

  • We provide reporting

  • We are available 24/7

  • Our fees are fixed