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A Future Ready IoT Enabled Wireless Infrastructure For A Major Port.

The major maritime hub sustaining the demands of the regional construction industry, Saqr Port is central to the economic success of the Middle East. It is the major bulk-handling port in the Middle East. Of over 70 million tonnes of cargo handled by RAK Ports annually, the majority is handled by Saqr Port. Its unique location at the foot of the Hajar Mountains feeds into the burgeoning quarrying industry within Ras Al Khaimah, which produces sufficient quantities of aggregate, cement and other building materials to serve the majority of the construction projects within the GCC & MENA Region.

“The system will play a major part in the successful delivery of RAK Ports digital strategy.”

Mr. Oliver Spencer, Head of Digital Transformation

SAQR Port has a top-class reputation for fast, efficient cargo handling and rapid turnaround of vessels. In order to cope with the huge increase in cargo movements over recent years Rak Ports have recently embarked on a long term strategy to digiltalise port infrastructure and processes to further enhance their operational capabilities.

"Because of the newly deployed wireless platform, now we have the tools to deliver more."

Mr. Mahmudur Khan, Head of IT


The initial phase of the project was named as "MESH NETWORK" the goal for the project was to layout a secure wireless infrastructure for allowing Crane's & Machines located within 3km of berth area to communicate with each other.

The bidding process started with inviting capable bidders to do a PoC. Among top bidders, Bifold Technologies was awarded the project to design and build wireless infrastructure for a secure IoT platform.


The project requirement was set at a very high standard, first the proposed solution has to be reliable, should have full coverage within the radius, should be highly secure, should provide high-throughput capable and high-volume traffic with low latency in the noisy spectrum. Above all needed a solution that is cost-effective and needs low maintenance.


During the PoC period Bifold Technologies well understood the site and the requirement. They engineered the solution using multiple vendors, the solution they proposed includes CPE and backhaul devices, geared for extended frequency support which can provide high-speed performance and easily addressed the connectivity of machines and Carne's as well as takes cares of noisy spectrum, performance and reliability issues. In turn, the field test results exceeded the project requirement.


Solution provided by Bifold Technologies performed exceptionally well in challenging, high-traffic and noisy environments, delivering speeds needed by the machines and cranes. With the implementation of "MESH NETWORK" project, SAQR port was able to put the Digital Transformation plan way ahead.

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