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Wi-Fi coverage planning for warehouses

Warehouse automation, asset tracking, and barcode scanning are the common applications within a typical warehouse facility. Ensuring optimum Wi-Fi coverage for these applications in a large industrial warehouse with lots of open space and very few mounting surfaces is complicated than what usually we can think of.

There are a number of factors needs to be taken into consideration while planning to deploy a good stable Wi-Fi network in such facilities. Factors such as rows of stacked products, metals, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), dust and other attenuation points that can make Wi-Fi coverage spotty and nonexistent, also depending on the warehouse facilities there are other factors such as cold, condensation, frost, thick walls and insulation can block optimal Wi-Fi coverage.

Because of these challenges mentioned above, Installing Wi-Fi in a warehouse takes a lot of planning and a full understanding of the site. At BIFOLD we have the expertise to design and built a secure and stable Wi-Fi network that you can rely on to make your logistic operations smoother.

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